For many years now Spanish Property has been highly sought after, especially by Northern Europeans, for holiday home purposes, for permanent relocation or to provide an income. Many European expatriates have, over recent years, adopted Spain in search of a less stressful and cheaper lifestyle, a warmer climate and a better quality of life.

The Spanish property market experienced a severe decline in the recent property recession, as did the property markets in most other European Countries. Property prices fell considerably, in some areas of Spain by over 40%. This created a big demand for properties at these much lower prices and whilst prices have now risen again they are not yet at the previous peak levels. Enquiries from potential buyers are now at an extremely high level again with buyers taking advantage of the current price levels. Where properties are priced at the correct market price level there are still many bargains to be had.

A budget of 50000€/75000€ can buy you a lovely village house in one of the many beautiful white villages – suitable as both a holiday home or a permanent residence and a budget of 150000€/200000€ can buy you a beautiful country property with breath-taking views, a swimming pool, garden and lovely terraces. If your budget will stretch to over 250000€ we have some very special properties for you to see.

There has been much publicity about the question of the legality of many Inland Country Properties. Many properties were granted planning permission by the Local Authorities on land that was not designated for development. Subsequent buyers were unaware of this and many properties became unsalable. The Junta de Andalucia has been addressing this problem for several years and new documentation for these properties has enabled the problem to be resolved.

The purchasing process has now tightened up considerably and Spanish lawyers are now extremely diligent in dealing with the process. Using a good Spanish Lawyer, who speaks your language, is essential and we are able to recommend excellent lawyers to you in each area. There is no danger whatsoever in buying when using the services of a good Spanish Lawyer.

It is a great time to buy in Spain – it is a buyer's market and well worth a trip to Andalucia to see what is available with us.

We will help you to find that perfect property at the right price.

Please feel free to email the exact requirements of your dream home to us at Gateway to Andalucia. We very rarely fail to find exactly what the client wants and we help you far beyond the buying process and into helping you relocate and settle into your new lifestyle.

The current uncertainty surrounding the BREXIT situation has led to a reduction in demand from British buyers. However, the demand from other European Nationals is very high. Dutch and Belgian demand remains high and the demand from Scandinavian buyers is at a peak. The situation for British buyers after BREXIT, if it happens, should remain unchanged and worries about heathcare, pensions, taxes, residency applications, visas etc. are unnecessary. Spain needs inward investment and Spain will always welcome British buyers.

Please email your ideal “wish list” and comfortable budget to us and we will send you website links of beautiful properties for you to look at and hopefully come and view with us.

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